Claudia Moser


My name is Claudia Moser and I live in Switzerland. It is almost 16 years since I first saw a Dogdance routine, but that was all it took for me to fall in love with this sport! 


Immediately I startet to teach my neighbours dog Lara the first few tricks and only half a year later we entered our first competition. At that time there weren’t many people doing Dogdance in Switzerland and a lot of the things I had to learn and try on my own. Lara was a difficult dog to teach, although she liked working with me, she was easily stressed and frightend when there was an audience and noise. But even so, she became a wonderful dancing dog and I was lucky to have her for over 16 years and she enjoyed Dogdance until she was over 15. 


In 2003 I got my first own dog, a Border Collie called Tilly. She was trained from puppy to become a dancing dog and with her I was able to enjoy many routines, demonstrations and competitions. 

In 2004 I went to England, where I worked for 1,5 years with Attila Szkukalek. This gave me not only the chance to work and learn from one of the best Freestylers there are, but also to compete in English Freestyle Competitions. 


With Tilly I have competed several times at Crufts and we have successfully participated in many ompetitions in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Italy and Great Britain. The OEC in Prague was our last big International Competition together, at which time she was already a bit over 10 years of age. After that, I have retired her from the International Class 3 and we enjoyed another two wonderful years of training and competing in Freestyle and HTM Seniors before I sadly lost her last year at the age of 12. 


At the moment, I own three dogs. Kerry my Tibetan Terrier, who has been a challenge to train but now is a great little dancer, but as she is now already 11 too. We do not compete anymore, but she still enjoys training and doing tricks at home. 

With Ria, my Border Collie who is a little wild girl, I compete in Freestyle 2 and we just recently startet in HTM too. After a difficult start due to her excitement level and reactivity, she has slowly grown into a great dancing partner and I am looking forward to many more years dancing and competing with her. 

Just recently I found my new dog Vaju in a Rescue Shelter. She is 1.5 years young and a Working Beardie girl. She is Fun to train with and I am curious, how she will do in the Future. 


Dogdance (or Freestyle) is a big part of my life. What startet with me training my own dog, has become bigger and bigger. I am teaching Dogdance-Workshops for nearly 13 years and have opened a Clicker-Training-Center in Switzerland 5 years ago. Here I offer Workshops and Classes for Freestyle, HTM, Obedience and Clickertraining and invite other trainers to learn from them. 

I also organise the International Competition in Winterthur which was held this year for the 13th time and was also the Qualification for this years OEC. 

I am a Dogdance Freestyle and HTM judge since 2004 which allowed me to enjoy many great and wonderful routines over the years in Switzerland and abroad. 


I am very honoured having been asked to judge this years OEC and I am looking forward to a great Competition with lots of fantastic and motivated teams and I wish 

all participants a wonderful experience and a lot of fun with their 4-legged Dance-Partners! See you in Krieglach soon ;-)

Mag. Beate Leodolter-Schrenk


For almost 40 years I have lived in in this beautiful Province named Styria. 

My hometown is Kapfenberg, where I have been living since 2007 together with my husband, my two children and my Australian Shepherds. 

I have been fascinated by dogs since early childhood and I always desired to have one of my own. 

Finally, in 2005 I was able to fulfil this dream and became the proud owner of an Australian Shepherd named Tinker Bell. This dog has taught me a lot and taken away many of my illusions concerning dogs. Our common path and life was not always that easy, I am grateful for this because I had to learn to accept her as she is. 

In the same year, I bought a book about dogdance to satisfy her hunger for learning, this was followed by the first seminar of many over the following years. 

My second dog, Finn, came three years later to our home and he, from the beginning, has been my second half. We have a very special connection with each other. 

Our dogs were the centre of our lives for a long time and I was active in dogdance, tricktraining, breitensport, mantrailing and obedience. 

Fortunately, I was allowed to be a trainer for puppies, dog dancing and obedience in Langenwang for a couple of years. It was always important for me to take part in further training. 

So in 2011 I became the first international dogdance judge of Austria (DogDanceInternational e.V.), this for me personally was a milestone. The next highlights in my life were the birth of my children in 2013 and 2015. 

Since then, there is only enough time for one dog sport, which needs to be dogdance for me. 

Something magical happens when the handler and dog become one during their dance. 

It is a great honour for me to be invited as a judge at OEC 2016, and certainly the highlight of my activities in judging. 

Many thanks go to Monika Fritz and the whole team of Pfötchenwelt for organising this event in Krieglach. 

I wish all of you a successful competition (enjoy your magic moments with your dog), and fine memories to take back home. 

To say it in Grillparzer´s words, ‘ Moons and years have gone by and always have, but a beautiful moment shines throughout your whole life.’

Richard Curtis

Great Britain

I started training dogs over thirty years ago when as a child my parents relented and allowed me to have a dog. I don’t think they knew what they were starting as since then my life has been dominated by dogs in work and my spare time. The first dog I had was a West highland white terrier which is not the easiest breed to train but I diligently went to dog training every week with Nicky. Over time a second Westie was added to the family even though by then I really wanted a breed that was more trainable. On reflection I think the fact that I had to struggle to train both terriers meant that it has helped me during my dog training career when faced with difficult dogs to train. I can appreciate how difficult it is to train some dogs having been there and done it with various breeds. 

I first started in competition obedience when I eventually got my first Border collie. She was not easy to train as she had a wilful side meaning she could work in the ring and win or make it look like I had never trained her. The next Border collie was Sybil who was the first dog I competed in heelwork to music with. She was a very enthusiastic worker and could get excited in a leg weave which could result in a nip on my leg!. When I started in HTM there was no freestyle division just one class but my routines tended to be more freestyle in content. At the same time I had a rescue collie called Jazz who was ball mad and another excitable worker. I started training her for freestyle when she was four and she took to it well. She was easier to perform with and tried her hardest to get it right. Since then I have had various breeds all which have got to advanced level in freestyle or/and HTM. I am lucky enough to have won the top UK competition which is the Crufts freestyle final four times, twice with Pogo a border collie, once with Disco a Portuguese water dog and once with a Poodle cross called Whizzy. As well as winning the Crufts freestyle I have also won the Crufts international freestyle competition.

Having been in the sport at the start and being a dog trainer I soon got asked to teach HTM/freestyle. This resulted in a book being published and various training DVDs. Nowadays I teach a lot of students and am enjoying taking a break from competing so that I can help these handlers more and let them enjoy that winning feeling which I am fortunate to have felt many times. 

As well as teaching I am also on the Kennel club working party for the sport and am a judges trainer. I have judged extensively in the UK and various countries and am now honoured to have been asked to judge at the OEC competition 2016. I know it will be a great event and wish all competitors good luck in their performances.

Katrin Stiller


I am born ( 29.09.1969) and raised in Berlin. When the wall went down I moved out to the country side. This time I was aible to get my first own horse and my first own dog. Here began my career of horse and dog training. 
At the moment I live south of Berlin with my 3 dogs Dobby ( Border Collie/ Terrier cross bread, born ca. May 2004, male), Glenty (Border Collie female born in May 2008)  and Toffee (Border Collie female born in May 2011). The three oft them are creating my live colorful and busy.  
Because of my first Border Collie Roxy (born 1998) I started trick training. Always looking for new ideas I found my way to canine freestyle and heelwork to music.
Since 2004 I am running workshops for dogdance and various other dog sports. 
2005 I was ready to judge my first competetion. Since this time I am hooked to this creative and dogfriendly dogsport which I still enjoy very much. 
I got part time employed by various dogschools and 2010 I opend up my own place. 
I like humans and I love dogs so it’s a perfect job I got in. 
Have been asked to judge this years OEC is a major honour to me. 
I am looking forward meeting all of the handlers, their dogs and organizers of this event.  I will keep my fingers crossed to all of you. So let’s have fun.

Fruzsi Wilheim


I found dogdance in 2005, when I had no dog, still, it enchanted me the first moment I saw it and decided that I need to get involved. I could start in 2007, 

when I got Pami, a 1,5 year old rescue. She was a tough dog to start with, having behaviour problems and fears that we had to overcome, 

but after a time Pami became a dog that I could take with me anywhere - even to our first dogdance competition in 2008, 

and of course I got hooked. We competed in many countries, including the OEC in Prague in 2012. For many years we also did agility, 

we even had the chance to participate at the IMCA World Championships in 2011.

Still, dogdance is the sport that I am most passionate about. Because I was also interested in the theoretical side of the sport I studied as much about it as I could, started judging at Hungarian competitions in 2010,

then became an international judge of Dogdance International in 2012 and have since judged several competitions in many European countries. I also regularly organise competitions in Hungary, trying to promote this wonderful sport in our small country.

I think judging the OEC is a great responsibility, and I am honoured to be a part of the judges' team in 2016. I wish good luck to all participants, and I am looking forward to seeing you all in Krieglach!

Daniela Siskova


... as a judge :) I am european judge - according to the rules of Dogdance International e.V. (from 2011) and judge according to the rules of Dogdancing club Czech republic. I had the opportunity to judge for example Netherland National Championship 2015, Czech Republic National Championship 2014, Hungarian Open 2014 and many various competitions in Europe.

Being a judge is a great opportunity and honor to be on the other site of the ring, to see many different routines, to feel many different interactions between the dog and the handler, to enjoy many perfect and original ideas and to think about everything what I saw and judge it in the best way possible.

From my perspective - judging is not only about enjoying the competition from the first line of the judging table, it´s first of all a huge responsibility to judge fair and clear during the whole competition. a competitor :) Except the judging and admiring the routines of the dancing teams I am also a competitor with my border collie lady Rori (Aurora Piranha Rainy Love). Together we reached many fantastic results, out of which I appreciate most the 5th place in European Championship 2013 in Freestyle and of course all of our routines which we are able to dance at least mostly as we wished and planned them.

As I know Monika Fritz and her team I am 100% sure that this event will be absolutely amazing and I am glad to be part of it. See you soon in Austria at OEC 2016 ;)

Dagmar Angerer


For me it is a great honor to be a part of the judges team of the EOC in 2016 in the beautiful Styria and I am really looking forward to this wonderful event, which takes place for the first time in Austria. Almost exactly 14 years ago I discovered the love for this beautiful sport and the same time I am always delighted on the diversity and creativity that is contain in every team , when they show their choreographies.

Indifferent if I am behind the judges' table, or if I am myself in the ring with my competitors, for me is fun and joy in foreground!

In this sense I wish all participants every success and enjoy this wonderful event

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