OEC meeting

Dear Participants,
I would like to provide you with some information about the OEC meeting,
which will be held on 22nd September (thursday) evening at Rothwangl.
This year’s meeting will be led by Fruzsina Wilheim, aka. me.
The address is Hauptplatz 3 8670 Krieglach
In regards to participating, as you might all know,
2 people can take part as representatives of each country.
In order to have a preliminary list of participants,
I would like to ask you to please send the names (and the country they represent)
to me via e-mail, you can find the address at the end of this message.
The deadline to do this is 10.8.2016
For those who would like to send prospective topics to be discussed:
Please send a short description of your idea to me via e-mail. I will compile them in one document,
that you will be able to look through before the meeting. T
his document will be published during the first week of September.
I would also please like to ask, if somebody would volunteer to make the minutes during the meeting.
If you think you could do it, feel free to contact me.
The e-mail address where you can send me all your messages:
One important information is that for the most part of the summer I will be working in the USA,
I will return on 1st September. During this period, I will have limited time to work on the meeting preparations, so if you send me a message and you don’t get a reply in 2-3 days,
do not worry, I probably have seen it and will send you a reply as soon as possible.
Looking forward to see you all!
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